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Believe it or not messenger apps have not just caught up with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but are rapidly becoming the best options for digital marketing campaigns!

10.5 Million

Total active Whatsapp user in Malaysia


Users open received messages

35 Minutes

Average amount of time spent on WhatsApp each day

Why Choose Us

We have been pioneers in fusing WhatsApp to marketing services over the years. Our wide range of experience and knowledge in the field allows us to provide clients with relevant consultation that brings them closer to their business objectives and achieve better results for their bottom lines.

Extensive experience in WhatsApp Marketing

Able to provide relevant and practical consultancy services

We are committed & consistent

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How it benefits you ?

Sharing Images & Text

As the old adage goes ‘a picture says a thousand words’, but a picture that contains text sends the intended message to the intended audience. WhatsApp does exactly this!

Segmenting, Targeting & Positioning

WhatsApp allows you to be specific as to whom your ads are going to reach according to their locations and your timing. Marketing is about reaching the right people, with the right offers, in the right location at the right time and WhatsApp covers all these aspects of the marketing mix precisely!

Quick Response

WhatsApp is a user-friendly app which is the reason as to why it has become so popular. In most case scenarios responses are almost instantaneous. As such, you will be able to expect immediate response once your ads have been blasted to the intended audiences.

Minimum Content Send Rate

The flexibility of WhatsApp is unmatchable as you are allowed to choose the minimum amount of content that you wish to deliver in your ads and reach the most number of users based on your client database.

Higher Reading Rate

WhatsApp users automatically check incoming messages via the notifications that they receive. Hence, you can be rest assured that the content that you send will have a high reading rate!

Ad Sharing

The fact that targeted audiences will be able to share the content you send with their friends and family makes this particular marketing strategy even more interesting as your ads have the potential to become ‘the talk of the town’!

Need More Business & Exposure ?

Utilise WhatsApp Blasting Service

Our well based consultants and strategic partners are professional marketing agents who are competent at content production which includes (but, not limited to) graphic design, copywriting, radio advertisement, video commercials and web development who have amassed a huge database that has been segmented and targeted according to demographics, psychology and location.  This would allow us to send your intended content to the right target audience using our refined database.


Image + Text

Image + Caption


Update existing customers and enhance the possibility of repeat sales?

Use WhatsApp Online Panel

We have designed and developed a software / system that allow you to manage your marketing campaign with ease all by yourself using your own database.

Upload Txt File

Easily upload your content and contact list in txt format

Upload Logos

Upload your company logo as the display picture

Balance Credit

Check your balance credit anytime

Send on Date

Schedule your campaign by clicking your desire date

Download Report

Download the report of the completed campaign for verification

Upload Image File

One click to upload your image in jpeg format (<500kb)

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Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency That Offers WhatsApp Blaster

Digital marketing has taken the entire world by storm. Not many people use old-fashioned advertising channels anymore because social networks and messengers have much more potential. That is where WhatsApp marketing software comes into play.
Thanks to this tool, you will be able to maximize the benefits of this platform. Keep reading to learn more about how the tool works and take your business profit to the next level!

What Is WhatsApp Blasting Software?

It is a marketing software that can skyrocket the results of your advertising campaigns in seconds. WhatsApp Bulk Sender allows you to send messages to millions of users. It features an extremely effective way to reach many people. That makes it a cost-effective solution every business owner will love.
The tool is very simple – you use an online panel to send the desired message to millions of potential customers throughout Malaysia. You can tailor the message based on their location to make sure you maximize the efficiency of every campaign.

How Can You Benefit from the Best WhatsApp Marketing Malaysia Has?

The statistics indicate that there 10.5 million people in Malaysia that actively use WhatsApp. On average, they spend about 35 minutes texting their friends by using this app. The same statistics indicate that 90% of the users do not hesitate to open the messages that they receive.
The huge potential benefit of this form of marketing lies in the above numbers. Just imagine a method that allows you to reach millions of users with a single message. Moreover, the majority of them will open the message to read it.
As long as you find the right way to convey what your business offers, WhatsApp blasting software can be a quick and powerful way to boost your sales!

How Does WhatsApp Marketing Software Work?

The process starts with designing the right message for your potential customers. You need to make sure it will catch the users’ attention, which is where experienced marketing experts can help. We can help you come up with the best WhatsApp Blast Malaysia clients have seen.
Years of experience that we have in the industry, especially when it comes to messenger marketing, are a guarantee that we can take care of everything for you. We are committed and provide insightful consultancy services.

Can I Use WhatsApp Blast Singapore?

There is no reason why you wouldn’t use the software if you are from Singapore. You can utilize this cost-effective way of attracting new clients and reap all the same benefits. Try it out today and see the best WhatsApp Blast Singapore has in action!
It is important to consult with skilled advertising experts that can help you identify the best approach for your customers. As long as you have the right message and the right tool, you can enjoy sending the message and watching your website receiving thousands of visits in seconds.

Why You Should Consider WhatsApp Bulk Sender

Here is an overview of the benefits you can expect with this tool:
• Maximum efficiency – you can expect to reach millions with only a single message.
• Use images, too – you are using a digital marketing platform, which means you can consider adding a picture with text as your ad.
• High reading rates – notifications that automatically display the message will ensure that the majority of people reads your ad.
• Target specific audience – you can filter messages based on the users’ location, and optimize them in any way you see fit.
• Users can spread the word about your company – those who liked your content might forward it to their family and friends, which further boosts the potential of your campaign’s success.

The Advantages of E-Mail Marketing for Every Sender Malaysia Has

We are living in an era when e-mail communication has become standard. We all have e-mails, and we are using them to send messages to business partners, but also to communicate with friends.
E-mail marketing is a campaign type that many businesses throughout the world use. It allows every creative sender Malaysia has to create content that will knock the receivers of their feet. Consult an experienced professional, and you will get insightful tips on how to optimize your message the right way!

Pros and Cons of SMS Blast Malaysia

You may think that SMS Blasting is not popular anymore, but the truth is that many people throughout Malaysia still use them. Nobody will hesitate to open an instant message because they consider them personal.
It is an SMS that brings the true magic of effective text. You need to be creative with words because it is essential to use as little characters as possible and still convey the right message.
It may be difficult to come up with the right text without consulting the professionals. Fortunately for you, we are here to help and ensure that you send a text that will delight potential clients and inspire them to get in touch with your company. Once you come up with the best SMS blast Malaysia has ever seen, the only sky is the limit for your business!

Other Services Offered by the Digital Marketing Agency

We are a professional digital marketing agency that offers even more than the best WhatsApp marketing Malaysia has seen so far.
Here is a brief overview of other ways how we can help you:
1. Google Ads Premium – Google designed a unique advertising platform that allows you to customize the campaign to tailor your needs. That includes setting the desired targeted audience, preferred budget, and so on. A skilled expert can help you to target keywords properly and maximize your campaign results.
2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – if you want your website to have a high rank on Google and other search engines, optimizing your content is essential. We provide White SEO & Grey SEO , Our proven SEO techniques will skyrocket your rank and increase your traffic quickly!
3. Video Marketing – allow an expert to design a beautiful animated video that will grab the attention of users in seconds. That will increase your brand awareness, and it can prove to be crucial for sales conversion.
4. Software Development – if you are looking for an innovative design that guarantees exceptional user experience, we are software development experts that can deliver.
5. Marketing Software – these are also messaging platforms that have an incredible potential of boosting your brand awareness.

Start Using the Best WhatsApp Blast Malaysia Has Now!

If you are interested in discovering how WhatsApp Blasting works, we have great news for you! All users can try the demo of the online panel tool for free. All it takes is to log in with the details provided on our website. Once you see that everything works flawlessly, you will understand the potential of digital marketing better. Don’t hesitate to contact us to increase your reach and boost the customer base to the level you were only dreaming of before!

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